What’s a utility easement?

Utility easements are located on most properties and are designated by city ordinance to be accessible to utilities, such as gas, water, electric, and cable providers. MetroNet signed a franchise agreement with the City of Northfield to locate its fiber-optic network in these utility easements. MetroNet’s construction website contains a wealth of information about what to expect during construction, including a video explaining utility easements.

View the video and read additional information

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1. I’ve received information from MetroNet. Who are they?
2. Who are these people in my yard? Are they allowed to be there?
3. What if my lawn, fence, etc. is damaged during construction?
4. Can I move the flags in my yard?
5. Should I notify MetroNet if I have a sprinkler system, dog fence, sump pump line or other underground facilities?
6. Why is MetroNet going through my yard – I never said I wanted the service!
7. How long will MetroNet be in my yard doing work?
8. What’s a utility easement?