Winter Parking

Winter Parking Ban

Vehicles cannot be parked on any city street between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m. from November 15 to March 15. The Winter Parking Ban is in effect regardless if there is an accumulation of snow on the ground.

Winter Parking Ban

Municipal Code Ch. 78, Article IV, § 78-102

Municipal Code Ch. 78, Article IV, § 78-105


Vehicles in violation of the Winter Parking Ban will be ticketed and may be towed.

- Ticketing

The fine for each Winter Parking Ban ticket is $50 or if not paid within 10 days $70.

- Towing

After receiving five consecutive parking violations, a vehicle will be towed under Minnesota statute.   The towing company charges a towing fee plus a daily storage fee. Additionally, any vehicles parked on the street at any time of day during a declared Snow Emergency will be towed.

Minnesota Statute 168B.035

Snow emergency

Winter Parking Permits

The City offers 2 types of Winter Parking Permits during the Winter Parking Ban to residents: Winter On-Street Residential Parking Permit and Winter Downtown Parking Permit.

Snow Emergencies

These Winter Parking Permits do not allow on-street parking during a Snow Emergency.

Applying for a Permit

Permits must be applied for EACH year.

(1) Winter On-Street Residential Parking Permit

Allows residents to park on the street during the Winter Parking Ban as long as a Snow Emergency has NOT been declared. These permits are intended to cover extenuating circumstances for residential properties that do not have adequate off-street parking. Each year applications must be submitted to the Streets and Parks Manager, providing a detailed explanation of the circumstances that prevents them from using off-street parking, justifying the need for a permit.  

Apply for a Winter On-Street Residential Parking Permit

Questions for On-Street Residential Permit contact the Streets and Parks Department at 

(2) Winter Downtown Parking Permit

These permits are limited to downtown apartments that do not have off-street parking. The Winter Downtown Parking Permit allows those residents to park in certain city parking lots during a declared Snow Emergency. It does not exempt downtown residents from the normal city parking regulations. Landlords should apply yearly at City Hall/Engineering Office for permits to cover tenants in their building. Landlords are responsible for getting permits and parking policies to their tenants.

*Landlords' Responsibility:  The winter parking permits are not intended to allow landlords to bypass existing parking requirements for residential rental properties (2 spaces per rental unit – Municipal Code Ch.14, Article III, Div. 3, § 14-123).

Parking Policies for Downtown Residents

Questions for Downtown Parking Permit contact the Engineering Office at 507-645-3020.


If residents will have a visitor for a night or two, they may simply call the Police Department at 507-645-4477.