Here’s how to get around!

If you are looking to get around town or need a ride to the Twin Cities, you can find what you need here.

Northfield's excellent transportation system seamlessly links Northfield to the Twin Cities metropolitan area, particularly through Interstate 35, which is located 7 miles west of the city. Two major state highways – 3 and 19 – also run through the city, connecting all of its population centers.

Citywide transit services are provided by a local nonprofit transit provider. These services consist of routes and dial-a-ride options for citizens and all buses are handicap accessible.

Bus service

Hiawathaland Transit offers both route and dial-a-ride bus services. Additional information regarding schedules, fares and passes can be found on their website.

For question or to schedule a ride contact dispatch (866-623-7505) or visit their website.

Visit Hiawathaland Transit

Sustainable efforts

Of total community-wide GHG emissions, the transportation sector makes up 12%. Transportation emissions include all in-boundary emissions that come from mobile sources, like cars, trucks, and motorcycles. In-boundary emissions are determined based on the number of miles driven within the City boundary, the assumed breakdown of vehicle type (light vs. heavy duty), and the fuel efficiency of those vehicles.

Transportation Actions in Climate Action Plan (PDF)


Comprehensive Transportation Plan Update (2008) (PSD)

Pedestrian, Bike & Trail System (April 2019) (PDF)

Complete Streets Policy