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Whether you are looking to buy land for your development project and get building or if you want to find space in an existing building to set up your business, we want to help.

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Existing building space

There are many locations in existing buildings throughout Northfield to choose from for starting up your small business.

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Land for development

Northfield has several areas prime for commercial and industrial development. Our accessible location meets transportation needs, and the community and workforce make Northfield an ideal choice. Also, our unique placement just south of the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro region provides lower tax rates and development costs.

Current building and site listings

Enterprise parks

Northfield also has five distinct enterprise parks designated for development. Read on to learn more about the features and advantages to each location.

Armstrong Enterprise Park

The Armstrong Enterprise Park is located on the west side of Northfield with direct access from Highway 19. Home to several businesses including MOM Brands, Cardinal Glass, and McLane, the Armstrong Enterprise Park is an established industrial park with room for growth. This park has additional opportunities for direct rail access, nearly 50 acres for new or expanded development, and annexation opportunities.

North Highway 3 Enterprise Park

Heading out of town north on Highway 3 is an area of mixed commercial and industrial land. The city and township line is nearly invisible, as businesses continue to line the highway for another 1/2 mile. Approximately eight acres are undeveloped, but there are opportunities for expansion via annexation. This is an area to study for highest and best use, as the area slowly redevelops as businesses close or relocate.

Northwest Enterprise Park

This 500+ acre area was annexed into the City in 2009 for the future creation of a large enterprise park, mixed with commercial and industrial uses. The land is currently privately owned and farmed.

Riverview Enterprise Park

The largest and most developed enterprise park is the Riverview Enterprise Park. This area is also a mix of industrial and highway commercial uses, ranging from distribution and light manufacturing to warehousing. Riverview has direct access to Highway 3 at separate intersections, with one light-controlled. The area has several acres for new development and expansion opportunities, with utilities stubbed to several of the vacant parcels.

St. Olaf Enterprise Park

St. Olaf College currently owns a 60 acre parcel just east of the Northfield Hospital that may be available for lease or ownership.
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    Nate Carlson

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