Buy a house

The Minnesota State Attorney General's Office has a publication that may be useful. 

Read the Home Buyer's Handbook (PDF).

  1. Searching for affordable housing

    Rental housing survey

    Rental owners and property managers are encouraged to complete a data survey about their rental property to help with affordable housing in Northfield. Rental housing survey...
  2. playground with scalloped ladder and crawling tubes in Heywood Park

    City wants input on improvements to the park and recreation system

    The City of Northfield wants community input on a draft 10-year Park and Recreation Capital Investment Plan for funding existing deteriorated park and recreation infrastructure while also addressing unmet park and recreation needs in the community. Park and recreation system input..
  3. Bruce Anderson

    Living as if climate change matters: building energy efficiency and electrification

    The gravity of the climate emergency the world faces was highlighted by the latest report released by the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. The report’s dire, consensus science-based predictions of extreme difficulty adapting to climate change Building energy efficiency and electrification...
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