GIS / Mapping

Geographic Information System (GIS) is a computer system designed to capture, manage, visualize, and analyze location-based information. The City of Northfield utilizes GIS to maintain and provide high-quality spatial data to the City Departments and the public. GIS mapping services are available to citizens through online interactive mapping applications or downloadable static maps. Special custom maps, figures, and digital data are also available upon request.

Static Maps
Interactive Maps

Printing sizes and fees

Color (oversized)36'' x 42'' or smaller$25
Color (oversized)36'' x 42'' or larger$35
Color11'' x 17''$2
Color8.5'' x 11''$1
Black and white11'' x 17''$1
Black and white8.5'' x 11''$0.50
Custom scale of standard map11'' x 17''$5
Custom scale of standard map8.5'' x 11''$5
Custom mapNon-standard$20 per hour

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