Neighborhood Flooding Issues - Infrastructure Improvements


In 2020, the City consulted with Bolton & Menk, Inc. to update its Surface Water Model as well as review known localized flooding issues throughout the community. These localized flooding issues are isolated events not associated with the Cannon River flooding, which our community is very familiar with. Most of these areas are smaller regional locations that experience flooding and threats to structures due to undersized or lack of infrastructure or emergency overflows (EOFs).

City staff have had several discussions with the Northfield City Council since the adoption of the 2020 Surface Water Management Plan regarding how the City participates in localized or regional flooding when it threatens private structures. This project reflects the direction given by City Council during those discussions.

City staff have consulted with Bolton & Menk to design the proposed improvements, which includes construction of new storm sewer and installation of a backflow preventer.


Proposed project locations:

  • Juniper Avenue storm sewer — 400, 404, 412 Juniper Avenue
  • Spring Street storm wewer — 304 Greenvale Avenue and 301 Highland Avenue
  • 518 1st Street West — backflow preventer
  • Sibley Swale Park — wetland outlet

Neighborhood Flooding Project Location


50% Proposed Project Plans (PDF)


Project process

The project process is the actions the City of Northfield uses for local improvements during project development. This step-by-step process includes opportunities for City Council and residents to provide input on the proposed project.

Project process (PDF)

Community engagement

In lieu of holding a neighborhood meeting, the City will be meeting with affected residents individually since this is a smaller scale project and will affect each individual property included in the project differently. City staff will mail notices to affected residents in order to schedule a meeting.

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