Riverside Lions Park Master Plan

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The master plan includes potential enhancements to Riverside Lions Park and Northfield Area Veterans Memorial Park. Riverside Lions Park and Northfield Area Veterans Memorial Park master plan is being developed by a group of stakeholders and the community. 

The purpose of a master plan is to set a vision to guide long-term development and improvements to a park or group of parks. The Riverfront Enhancement Action Plan followed a similar process, now visions for each park along the riverfront are being developed, Riverside Lions Park being the first.

Work group

A work group has been working together for the past several months to create a draft of the master plan for potential park enhancements.

The work group includes people from:

  • Lions Club
  • Northfield Area Veterans Memorial
  • Village on the Cannon
  • Defeat of Jesse James Days
  • Northfield Garden Club
  • Parks and Recreation Advisory Board
  • city staff


Riverside Lions Park, 700 Popular Street and Northfield Area Veterans Memorial Park, 710 Popular Street


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Community engagement opportunities

In addition to these opportunities, all City Council, boards, commission and committee meetings are open to the public. Most, but not all meetings, may have an opportunity for public comment.

Feedback from these community engagement opportunities are incorporated into the design where able and incorporated in the summary reports presented to City Council.

January 25, 2024 — Neighborhood meeting #1

4:30 to 6:30 p.m.
Police Department, training room, 1615 Riverview Drive

Neighborhood meeting presentation materials (PDF)

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