Park Event Reservations

For scheduling a private event (e.g. wedding, family reunion, etc.) in a non-sheltered park, reservations are required.

The sponsoring group is asked to take all safety precautions during the event.

If you are interested in hosting a public event, see our community event information.

Community event information

Deposit and rental fees

There is no fee for renting a park.

All reservations require a $100 damage deposit. Check will be destroyed after the park has been inspected and found acceptable.

Damage deposit must be received within seven business days after reservation was placed to secure rental date and time.

Rules for parks

City of Northfield personnel will inspect the area after the event.

  1. All parks close at 10:00 p.m.
  2. Glass containers are not permitted in City Parks, i.e. drinking glasses, jars and bottles.
  3. Consumption of beer is allowed. Consumption of all other alcoholic beverages is not allowed. Beer must be brought in metal or aluminum cans.
  4. Event organizers are responsible for cleaning and disposing of garbage at the event’s conclusion. Garbage bags must be provided by event organizer.
  5. The sponsoring group is responsible for all cleanup and any damage or accidents that may occur in conjunction with the event. Any additional costs for repairs or clean-up in excess of the $100 deposit will be billed to the individual and/or group who reserved the park.
  6. Bring your reservation confirmation with you on the day of your event as proof that you have  the park reserved.


Visit individual park pages to view availability and amenities.

All City Parks

Reserving a park

Reservations are taken after January 1 for the coming rental season and must be made at least two weeks in advance of event date.

Confirmation will be sent after deposit is received.

Cancellations require 48-hour notice.

Park Reservation Form