Emergency Housing

Northfield and its Housing and Redevelopment Authority (HRA) is committed to providing a sufficient supply of affordable, adequate, safe, and sanitary dwellings in Northfield.

The City provides immediate temporary emergency housing, and a path to access resources to households being forced to leave their homes when the city has been deemed their home unfit for occupancy.

The goal of the program is to provide an immediate and short-term housing solution that minimizes displacement of low- to moderate- income households in Northfield.


  1. After a home has been inspected and been identified as unfit for occupancy based on the Minnesota Building Code Administration 1300.0180 Unsafe Buildings or Structures, the city's building official will refer the household to the city’s housing coordinator
  2. The city's building official will provide to the city's housing coordinator a copy of the letter to the household informing them that the home is unfit for occupancy and that they are required to leave.
  3. The housing coordinator will contact the Community Action Center (CAC) of Northfield and coordinate outreach to the household confirming income and what resources are available to the them.
  4. If the household is low- to moderate-income and no other resources are available, the housing coordinator will facilitate funding emergency housing through the Community Action Center, so the household has a safe and sanitary home while they work with Community Action Center on their next steps.


The City of Northfield has designated $150,000 of the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) federal allocation for housing availability and stability. $50,000 have been set aside for this program.

Should there be more need than budgeted, the City reserves the right to evaluate allocated funding for this program.