Rain Barrel Rebate

rain barrel

About the rebate program

The City of Northfield is encouraging property owners to capture and reuse stormwater by installing rain barrels.


The program is available to all property owners in Northfield city limits with a Northfield utility account.

Amount of rebate

A $20 rebate is credited on your utility account. You can claim up to 3 rebates per utility account.

Rebates are given on a first-come, first-serve basis until funding for the fiscal year is exhausted.

The program is funded through stormwater utility fees.

Rain Barrel Diagram

How rain barrels work


A rain barrel captures water from roof downspouts. Even small roofs and rainfalls can easily fill a 55-gallon rain barrel. When the rain barrel is full, water overflows through an overflow pipe.


Water remains in the rain barrel until needed. Screens prevent mosquitoes from breeding.


Attach a hose or soaker hose to the rain barrel to water plants and fill water buckets. Elevate the rain barrel on blocks for more water pressure.

About rain barrels

A rain barrel is an easy way for residents and businesses to conserve water and reduce the amount of stormwater leaving their property. Usually around 55 gallons, rain barrels collect and store water from roof downspouts and allow it to be reused to water gardens.

Benefits of rain barrels

Rain barrels have many benefits, such as:

  • Conserves our groundwater resources by using rainwater instead of municipal water to water plants.
  • Rainwater is naturally soft so it’s better for garden plants than tap water.
  • Reduces the amount of stormwater runoff that goes directly into our storm sewers and into the Cannon River, reducing flood risks and streambank erosion.


Rain barrels must be emptied every fall to prevent ice damage. You must remove leaves and other debris that enter from roof downspouts to prevent clogging.


Properly installed rain barrels have a screen or another method to prevent mosquitoes from entering and breeding.

Applying for a rebate

The Rain Barrel Rebate form is available at City Hall and on the City of Northfield website.

  1. Buy a qualified rain barrel (over 40 gallons) and keep your receipt.
  2. Install your rain barrel to a roof downspout.
  3. Take a photo of your installed rain barrel.
  4. Submit your rebate form, receipt and photo
    or mail in to:
    City of Northfield
    Attn: Water Quality Technician
    Engineering Department
    801 Washington Street
    Northfield, MN 55057
  5. Look for your $20 rebate on your utility account (all requirements must be met).


Rain barrel brochure (PDF)