Meeting Room Reservation

The City of Northfield is a public entity with facilities that are available to all. Meeting rooms in City Hall are available for reservations only during regular operating hours when buildings are open to the public.


  1. Fees must be paid prior to the time of use. 

    Non-profit meeting open to the publicNo charge
    Non-profit fee for meetings closed to the public or non-profits charging fees$25 per hour;
    maximum $100 per day
    Custodial - additional cleaning beyond normal use$20 per hour
    City Hall audio visual equipmentStaff salary plus $25 administrative fee

Acceptable purposes

Meeting rooms are available to the Northfield community on an equitable basis for community meetings and programs for the purpose of:

  • Educational
  • Charitable
  • Cultural

Unacceptable purposes

The meeting rooms are not available for commercial purposes, fund raising or sale of items.


The only exceptions to this will be:

  • Program or sales conducted by non-profit groups of which the proceeds or a percent thereof will go to the direct benefit to City-owned entities
  • Sale of material directly related to a City-sponsored program which has had the prior approval of the department director.

Availability of rooms

Rooms are available during City Hall hours only.

Priority scheduling

Priority will be given to official City meetings and events. The primary use for meeting rooms is to support official City meetings, events and programs, such as City Council, board, commission, and internal City staff meetings, and other government entity's meetings.

Staff assistance

Reserving a meeting room use does not include the use of staff time other than to provide access to the facility. Staff assistance beyond this definition must be requested at the time of the application and is dependent on staff availability. Fees for staff assistance are outlined in the fees.

Room setup and cleanliness

Groups using the meeting room are expected to set the room up as they wish and to leave it as they found it. Please allow enough time prior to the start of the meeting for set up.

Food and drink

Light refreshments are permitted in City meeting rooms. Access to kitchen facilities must be requested at the time of application. No alcoholic beverages are allowed in any City meeting room or on City premises. In the event that liquids are spilled, the contact person should notify department staff so that the stain can be properly treated. Additional cleaning costs may be assessed to the booking organization. Users must supply all items such as paper products, food, coffee and other beverages.


Use of the city's meeting room does not imply the endorsement or approval of the group using the meeting room, the meeting, or the ideas presented at the meeting. No publicity or promotion of the meeting should state or imply City department or City of Northfield endorsement or sponsorship of the event or the organization. Groups may not use any department within the City of Northfield's name or address as their address or headquarters location.

Read the Meeting Room Policy (PDF)


Meeting rooms are not reserved until you receive an email confirmation from city staff.

Reserving a meeting room

Requests must be made 2 weeks in advance of the event.

Fill out a reservation form