Rain Garden Rebate

Rain garden

About the rebate program

The City of Northfield is encouraging property owners to capture and infiltrate stormwater by installing residential rain gardens.


The program is available to all property owners in Northfield city limits with a Northfield utility account.

Amount of rebate

The City will reimburse homeowners 50% up to $250 for the cost of materials in rain garden construction and rental of any construction equipment.

Grants will be awarded to the highest ranking projects until cost share funding for the fiscal year is expended.

The program is funded through stormwater utility fees.

How rain gardens work


A rain garden captures water runoff and holds standing water for no more than 48 hours.


In the soil, microbes break down pollutants and nutrients washed in by the rain.


Deep-rooted native prairie plants loosen the soil, allowing water to soak in quickly and recharge groundwater aquifers.

About rain gardens

A rain garden is a dry depression in the landscape that is planted like a garden and allows rainwater to infiltrate into the ground rather than run into storm sewers where it flows untreated into our lakes and waterways.

Allowing rainwater runoff to soak into the ground improves the water quality of our rivers and lakes, reduces the risk of localized flooding, and recharges aquifers.


  • Improves water quality improvements
  • Reduces risks of flooding
  • Adds beauty and value to neighborhoods
  • Provides wildlife habitat to attract beneficial birds, butterflies, and dragonflies


Like any perennial flower garden, rain gardens need to be watered the first year and weeded semi-annually. Filling in bare spots with mulch is also recommended.


Rain gardens hold water for no longer than 48 hours; far shorter than the 7 days of standing water needed to breed mosquitoes. In between rainfalls, the rain gardens are dry.

Why use native prairie plants?

Prairie plants native to Minnesota have deep roots that help break up compacted soils, even clay, to infiltrate water. They are also naturally drought, flood, and pest resistant.

Applying for a rebate

  1. Install your rain garden.
  2. Take a photo of your rain garden.
  3. Submit your rebate form, receipt(s) and photo
    or mail in to:
    City of Northfield
    Engineering Department
    801 Washington Street
    Northfield, MN 55057
  4. Look for your rebate on your utility account (all requirements must be met).


Rain Garden Brochure (PDF)

Factors to consider when considering a rain garden