Art Tour

The map provides a route to see Northfield's community artworks. The walking tour takes about one to two hours.

art tour walk map

Download the map (PDF)


  1. Anniversary fountain, sculpture, Raymond Jacobson, 1980 and Civil War monument, sculpture, 1921
  2. Harvest, sculpture, Raymond Jacobson, 2005
  3. Just Food Co-op mural, Rafael Estrella and student artists, 2021
  4. Key mural, members of the Key
  5. Riverside Lions Park, installation, Northfield Garden Club
  6. Northfield Area Veterans Memorial, sculpture, Jeff Anderson, 2005
  7. Art information kiosk, sculpture, Rick Swearer and Howie Holt, 2019
  8. Spreading the Love, sculpture, Dale Lewis and Geralyn Thelan, 2020
  9. Love, mural, Brett Whitacre, 2019
  10. Young Sculptors Project, 2021
  11. Bookhead Dancers, sculpture, Jen Wolcott, 2008
  12. Literary Stairs, mural, Kathy Ness and Kate Woodstrup, 2021
  13. 2nd Street Bridge, sculpture, Spencer Jones and Wade Kolbe, 2007
  14. 5th Street Bridge, sculpture, Spencer Jones and Wade Kolbe, 2007
  15. Threshold, sculpture, Kris Swanson, 2018
  16. Wanbli Mitakuye Oyasin (Eagle Relatives), sculpture, John Sterner, 2022
  17. Wind Piece, sculpture, John Maakestad, 1970 and Tree, sculpture, Nick Swearer, 1970
  18. Flame, sculpture, Nick Swearer, 1970770
  19. Poetry Steps, mural, collective effort, 2021

Additional locations

Additional community art locations in the Northfield area:

South end of town

  • Torque, Northfield Senior Center
  • Primary Shapes, in the Bridgewater Elementary School playground
  • Roundabout underpass murals by Adam Turman

Within the Northfield Hospital

  • Keep the Ball Rolling, Northfield Hospital foyer
  • Pente, Northfield Hospital atrium
  • Look Who's Watching, Northfield Hospital center hallway

Within the Northfield Public Library

  • Four Seasonal Scenes, Northfield Public Library
  • AHIMSA, Northfield Public Library
  • Woodcarving, Northfield Public Library

Dundas community

  • Dundas Dukes Statue, found near the Memorial Field in Dundas
  • Between Earth and Sky by Malcolm "Mac" Gimse, found near the Archibald Mill ruins

Carleton College

  • Weitz Art Center
  • Various Carleton sculptures

St. Olaf College

  • Flaten Museum of Art
  • Various St. Olaf sculptures


The map was made in collaboration with:

  • Northfield Public Schools
  • The Guild
  • City of Northfield
  • Northfield Arts and Culture Commission