2023 Reclamation and Overlay Project


The 2023 Reclamation and Overlay Project includes the following Streets in the base bid:

Project Location Map

  • Harrison Court (Mill and Overlay)
  • Johnson Court (Mill and Overlay)
  • Grant Drive (Mill and Overlay)
  • Grant Court (Mill and Overlay)
  • Hayes Drive from Filmore Street to Johnson Street (Mill and Overlay)
  • Carter Drive – Filmore Street to Northfield Middle School (Mill and Overlay)
  • Heritage Drive – Hidden Valley Apartments to Lincoln Street (Pavement Reclamation)
  • Hidden Valley Road – Jefferson Road to Heritage Drive (Pavement Reclamation)
  • Peterson Drive – Hidden Valley Road to Lincoln Street (Pavement Reclamation)
  • Lincoln Street– Heritage Drive to Peterson Drive (Pavement Reclamation)
  • Thomas Court (Pavement Reclamation)
  • Adams Street – Lincoln Street to Roosevelt Drive (Pavement Reclamation)
  • Taylor Court (Pavement Reclamation)
  • Adams Court (Pavement Reclamation)
  • Tyler Court (Pavement Reclamation)

 In addition to the proposed street surface improvements, the City of Northfield will also complete the following Walking/Biking/Pedestrian infrastructure improvements: 

Due to anticipated high construction costs, the City of Northfield will be bidding the following street improvements as a Bid Alternate.   The decision to complete these street improvements will be made after bidding is complete:

  • Anderson Drive from TH 246 to Aspen Street (Mill and Overlay)
  • Sunny View Drive from Sunny View Lane to Sibley View Lane (Mill and Overlay)
  • Sunny View Lane from Sunny View Drive to Arbor Street (Mill and Overlay)
  • Arbor Street from TH 246 to Aspen Street (Mill and Overlay)
  • Aspen Street/Aspen Court South Dead End to Cul-de-sac (Mill and Overlay)

Feasibility study

The process began with the Northfield City Council ordering a Feasibility Study on June 21, 2022. The Feasibility Study examines the proposed street and utility improvements along these street corridors to determine whether the project – as proposed – is feasible, cost effective and necessary.  The City Council approved the Feasibility Report at the January 3, 2023 City Council meeting, and Authorized Preparation of Plans and Specifications.

Feasibility Report

Project process

The Project Process is the actions the City of Northfield utilizes for local improvements during Project development.  This step by step process includes opportunities for City Council and Residents to provide input on the proposed project.

Project Process

Project meetings

Neighborhood Meeting #1

Wednesday, November 9, 2022
5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Northfield Middle School Cafeteria - Door #1
220 Division Street South, Northfield


Informational Boards

Neighborhood Meeting #2

Wednesday, March 1, 2023 Tentatively
Details to follow

Signing up for project updates

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