Vehicle Lights

close up view of a bright car headlight lamp at night

Lights On! program

Northfield Police Department is partnering with Lights On! and local auto repair centers to help motorist with burned-out light bulbs. When an officer pulls over a vehicle with a burned-out bulb, instead of a ticket or warning, the officer hands the driver a Lights On! voucher for free light repair. The drivers can then redeem those vouchers for free repairs at any participating auto service provider.

Participating auto repair centers

These locations are participating in the Lights On! program in partnership with the Northfield Police Department. If you have received a Lights On! voucher, please contact any of the auto service centers to schedule your appointment.

Blue Bird Autowerks, 910 MN-3, Northfield, MN 55057, 507-645-0804

Car Time Auto Center, 403 North Stafford Road, Dundas MN 55019, 507-645-8636

Doug’s Auto Service, 1802 Cannon Road, Northfield, MN 55057, 507-663-1371

Elite Auto Care, 517 Water Street, Northfield, MN 55057, 507-366-2886

Northfield Auto Care, 918 Division Street, Northfield, MN 55057, 507-645-4148

Valley Autohaus, S 1235 MN-3, Northfield, MN 55057, 507-663-1217

Witt Brothers Service, 701 Division Street, Northfield, MN 55057, 507-645-7242

Ziggy’s, 109 Water Street N, Northfield, MN 55057, 507-663-0228

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Laws for vehicle lights

It's important to have your headlights, taillights and turn signals working properly and used appropriately. They are just as important for making you visible to other drivers as they are to helping you see.

When lights need to be turned on

The three instances where you have to have your headlights and taillights on are:

  • Anytime between sunset and sunrise.
  • When it's raining, snowing, sleeting or hailing (if your windshield wipers are on, your lights should be, too).
  • Any other time when visibility is low enough that you can't see 500 feet ahead like when it's foggy or smoky.


Headlights are limited to 300-watt candlepower so that you don’t blind oncoming drivers.

Taillights and turn signals

Anything besides a motorcycle needs three functional brake lights in the back. A third high mount brake light is required on cars manufactured in 1986 or later. Brake lights can’t be white. The only white lights you can have on the back of your vehicle are your backup lights. You also need two sets of turn signals – one in the back and one in the front.

License plate light

Your back license plate needs to be illuminated. License plates should be attached to the front and rear of your vehicle, and cannot be obstructed by anything. This means brushing the snow and ice off of it when necessary, and not using rear cargo carriers or bike racks that make it impossible to see your back license plate.

State statues

For more information, read the Minnesota state statues on vehicle equipment, safety sections 169.48 through 169.65.

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