Translation and Interpretation

Meet our Spanish translators and interpreters

The City of Northfield has one full-time Spanish translator and interpreter available and several part-time Spanish translators and interpreters.

You can ask for the interpreter, Claudia, at any desk at City Hall, the Library, Police Department or other city buildings. Staff will call Claudia to see if she is available. If she is not available, we can schedule an appointment. If you do not want to schedule an appointment, we also have a service free of charge to you, called Language Line.

Language Line can interpret in more than 240 languages.

The City also has several Spanish translators and interpreters that can be available at city meetings and events when needed.

Interpreter etiquette

Learn the best practices to follow when using an interpreter

Equipment to help make events more inclusive

ListenTALK handheld translation equipment

As part of the city’s strategy to improve external communication and provide access to city services, the City has a ListenTALK system, which is used at select public meetings and events along with an interpreter. The equipment is also available for community members to check out for their own meetings and events.

How it works

The equipment is an all-in-one mobile system that facilitates communication and collaboration among two or more people. The equipment does not translate or interpret itself, but rather allows a person to interpret and speak into a transmitter that can be heard by people who have a receiver.

The equipment does have a fairly good range and can allow an interpreter to be in another room if necessary.

The equipment allows an interpreter to be heard by up to 20 people.

Checking out equipment

Community members can check out the equipment from the Communications office on the second floor of City Hall.

Equipment can be checked out for a maximum of two weeks.

Community members must:

  1. Complete a reservation form
  2. Provide proof of identification; when you pick up the equipment we will make a copy of your identification
  3. Security deposit of $75; cash or check; please make a check payable to "City of Northfield"; if you return all equipment on time and in good condition, we will return your deposit

The equipment includes:

  • One transmitter
  • Up to twenty headsets
  • A sturdy carrying case

Getting started

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