Group of young adults with a handmade sign that says, "Free Food Help Yourself"

A consideration for food-related emissions is the distance the food travels from source to table. Because Northfield is situated near agricultural land producers, it has an opportunity to better connect with local growers to increase the amount of food that is supplied locally. There are also opportunities to increase the amount of food grown within the City limits at community gardens and schools, such as the Greenvale Park Community Garden. Expanding local food access and production in Northfield and surrounding areas will support residents of all economic backgrounds and businesses in receiving a wide variety of healthy, affordable, and sustainable food choices.

Food sections of the Climate Action Plan (PDF)

Food map

This map shows locations of community gardens, locally owned CSA (community supported agriculture) farms, free food help yourself gardens, city-owned land with growing potential and food access points (not including grocery stores). Food map in Northfield Opens in new window

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