Acceptable Trees and Shrubs


Northfield's Land Development Code (LDC) requires development that is governed by the LDC to use only trees and plant materials on the Acceptable Trees and Shrubs List.

Acceptable Tress and Shrubs List (PDF)

The plants on this list have been selected for their ability to thrive in Northfield, and for their consistency with a wide variety of city policies.

Of the plants on the list, the City particularly recommends planting native species. These are often easier to grow than non-native varieties. Native species are adapted to our climate and soil and require minimal care to grow, reducing costs and improving survival.

Planting native species is associated with a wide variety of positive outcomes for the landowner and the city, including lower peak temperatures, lower runoff and a higher diversity of beneficial wildlife. A variety of Northfield city policies aim for these outcomes, and this list implements those policies.

Selecting a tree

Select the most suitable tree for the planting site. If you need help deciding what tree is best for your site, consult an ISA certified arborist or a contractor that has an ISA certified arborist on staff.

Boulevard plantings

The city forester has the authority to determine the location and species for all trees planted in the boulevard, or City property, and easements when applicable. In addition to the acceptable trees listed, the city forester may approve other trees and shrubs on a case-by-case basis. Only small stature trees may be planted under the overhead utility lines. 

Zone hardiness

Though our area is rated zone 4a/b, climate change has been allowing for Zone 5 trees and plants to survive in our area. Planting Zone 5 trees and plants involves some risk of freezing mortality.