Leadership Award

About the award

The City of Northfield Leadership Award is awarded to a junior or senior student enrolled in a Northfield area school who exhibits high standards and demonstrates a consistent approach to excellence as a student, such as:

  • Innovation
    • Recognized for contributions to innovations in their work
    • Takes unique and effective approaches to improved work processes
  • Integrity
    • Demonstrates, articulates, and expects the highest ethical standards
    • Recognized for their high professional standards
  • Leadership
    • Exhibits and maintains courage and leadership, doing what is best for those who depend upon them for success
    • Demonstrated trust from their peers
    • Individual excellence demonstrated beyond what is typical
  • Service
    • Devotion of time and resources to the continual improvement of others

Announcement of recipient

The announcement of our Leadership Award recipient will take place at our annual State of the City event. 

Award benefits

  • $50.00 Chamber gift check
  • Certificate of recognition signed by the Mayor and the President Pro Tem
  • News release and photo (optional with parental consent) of the recipient
  • Recognition at the annual State of the City event


To participate in nominations and be eligible for the Leadership Award, individuals must:

  • Be a 11th or 12th grade student that attends school within the Northfield School District Area
  • Nominated by a Northfield area school faculty or staff member
  • Past winners are not eligible

Who may nominate

Any faculty or staff member of a Northfield area school

Selection committee

The Mayor and President Pro Tem will select the award recipient from nominations submitted by the deadline.

Deadline for nominations

4:30 p.m. on February 8, 2024

Submitting nominations

Nominate a student