Event Planning

These are resources for both new and seasoned arts and cultural programmers and planners to help make their ideas a reality, foster greater collaboration among organizations and individuals, and support our community’s great creative energy!


If you have an idea for an arts and cultural happening, one of the first questions you might ask is: “where can I do it?” venues available in the Northfield community that have or could host an arts and cultural event.

Northfield area venues

The venue spreadsheet is viewable to the general public. If you would like editing access to this or to view any of the other lists, please email the Arts and Culture Commission.

Email the Arts and Culture Commission

City property

In addition, if you are interested in a public event or celebration of people on City property (including Bridge Square), you are required to obtain a Community Events Permit.

 Visit the Community Event Sponsorship Request page.


Another frequently asked question is, “When is a good time to host my event?” Northfield is fortunate to have a vibrant and thriving arts and cultural community. With annual celebrations, events at the two colleges, and a myriad of other happenings from community organizations and individuals, it’s hard to find a day in the year that is without any arts or cultural event! We encourage you to take a look at existing events calendars as you are considering dates for your events:

Northfield community calendar

Northfield city calendar

Visit Northfield

Entertainment Guide

Northfield Arts Guild

Carleton College

St. Olaf College

The Arts and Culture Commission has also started an internal planning calendar for programmers and planners to use to see when things might be happening, as well as to find connections between organizations to leverage ideas and resources.

Request access to the Arts and Culture Commission planning calendar