Snow Emergency

Snow plow with side plows

When the City declares a Snow Emergency, you cannot park on any public street or parking lot until the street is plowed curb to curb. Violators may be ticketed and fined and may be subject to towing.

It is important that vehicles are not parked on streets when snow is being removed. Streets are safer for all community members when our streets are properly cleared of ice and snow. Northfield Police prefer compliance, not enforcement, and we ask for your cooperation in keeping your vehicles off the streets during winter months.


Vehicles in violation will be ticketed and may be towed for interfering with snow removal.

The fine for Interfering with Snow Removal ticket is $75 or if not paid within 10 days $95. Additionally, the vehicle may be towed. The towing company charges a towing charge plus a daily storage fee. Additionally, any vehicles parked on the street at any time of day during a declared Snow Emergency will be towed.

Minnesota Statute 168B.035

Stay updated

Please monitor these channels for Snow Emergency details.

  • City of Northfield website - a Snow Emergency alert bar will appear on every page
  • KYMN online
  • Northfield News online
  • Local TV news stations

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