City Council

City Council members standing in the council chambers

Regular City Council meetings

First and third Tuesday of each month
6 p.m.

City Hall, Council Chambers
801 Washington Street
Northfield, MN 55057

City Council work sessions

Second Tuesday of each month
6 p.m.

City Hall, Council Chambers
801 Washington Street
Northfield, MN 55057


  1. Hearing Assistance Available

    In the Council Chambers, an induction loop system is provided for hearing device users. To use:

    • Someone with no hearing aids will need a loop receiver with an earpiece or headset.
    • Someone with hearing aids and NO T-Coil will need a loop receiver with an earpiece or headset.
    • Someone with hearing aids and have T-Coil in the hearing aid will change the setting of the hearing aid from microphone to T-Coil. They will NOT need a receiver as the T-Coil in their hearing aid is the loop receiver.
    • Not all hearing aids have T-Coils because of the size or money, so they are limited.

Council packets and supplemental material

12-05-23 City Council Meeting Agenda Packet

Public monitoring

Watch the live stream

Agendas and minutes

  1. City Meeting Archives Opens in new window

    The City meeting archives contain agenda packets, minutes, resolutions, handouts and additional information.

  1. City Meeting Portal Opens in new window

    The City meeting portal allows you to view live streamed meetings and agendas with clickable links.


NameTitleTerm expirationPhone number
Rhonda PownellMayorDecember 31, 2024507-663-1932
Kathleen HolmesCouncil Member First Ward
December 31, 2026507-301-6623
Jami ReisterCouncil Member Second WardDecember 31, 2024507-645-7558
Brad NessCouncil Member 
At Large
December 31, 2024612-232-1190
Davin SokupCouncil Member At LargeDecember 31, 2026507-350-7144
Jessica Peterson WhiteCouncil Member Fourth WardDecember 31, 2026612-366-8311
George ZuccolottoCouncil Member 
Third Ward
December 31, 2024507-301-8542

Contacting the City Council

If you have questions or comments, you can email the City Council. Each member will receive your email. When replying to your email, a Council member cannot reply to all members, only to you. This avoids violating the open meeting law.

Email the City Council

City staff

NameTitlePhone NumberEmail
Ben MartigCity Administrator507-645-3060Email Ben Martig
Lynette PetersonCity Clerk507-645-3001Email Lynette Peterson
Sara HoffmanDeputy City Clerk / Executive Administrative Assistant507-645-3060Email Sara Hoffman


If you have an administrative question or concern please submit those online or contact the City at 507-645-8833.

Submit a question or report a concern

Commenting in person

Members of the public are allowed and encouraged to speak to the city council during the open public comment or during a public hearing of a council meeting.

During the open public comment portion you may take one opportunity to address the Council for two minutes (not including interpreter’s time) on any topic, even if on the agenda, with the condition that you may not speak on the same item later in the meeting.

Signing up to speak

Complete a sign-up with your name and address. Sign up cards are located on the table when entering the Council Chambers. Submit your card to the city clerk.

You may also use the electronic register to speak option on the city’s website after the individual meeting packet has been created (by noon the Friday before the meeting).


Contact the City Clerk no later than noon on the day of the meeting.

When to speak

During the open public comment or public hearing, the Mayor will call up individuals to speak at the podium, based on preregistration and cards submitted. People who wish to speak who haven’t signed up may do so after all others have spoken. They will be asked to fill out a sign-up card after they have spoken.

Etiquette when speaking

Please be respectful of the public’s and the Council’s time. Members of the public wishing to speak must follow these guidelines:

  • Speak only once for no more than two minutes (not including interpreter’s time) on the topic unless the speaker is addressed by the Council
  • Identify your relationship to the topic
  • Have a spokesperson or two for your group to present your comments

Responses to questions

If you want a response to a question, you must submit the question in writing to the City Clerk. Questions must include your name and information on how to contact you.

Commenting virtually via Zoom

You may join a Council meeting virtually via Zoom. This option is for those who intend to speak during the open public comment or a public hearing. A separate option (and link) is available to watch a meeting only without the option to speak.

Rules of etiquette for hybrid meetings

  • Please identify yourself once in the Zoom meeting (type your name in Zoom window).
  • Camera must be off and audio must be muted unless speaking.
  • Only speak when directed to by the mayor or other meeting chair.
  • There is a two-minute limit for addressing the Council.
  • Rules of business applies for decorum.
  • The City of Northfield reserves the right to mute any meeting participant.
  • The City of Northfield reserves the right to remove any meeting participant for not following Rules of Business.
  • The City of Northfield reserves the right to turn off any meeting participant’s camera and/or audio if they are on while not addressing the Council.

Joining the meeting virtually via Zoom

Each meeting has a unique web address. To find this information, go to the Calendar to find the specific meeting.

Commenting on agenda items with eComment

The City of Northfield has an electronic comment (eComment) feature for City Council meetings. eComment provides an easy way for residents to add their voices to the process and makes participation in public meetings convenient when it may be difficult to attend the meeting in person.

Once the agenda is published, the eComment link will be active. Residents can review agenda item details, indicate their position on an item and leave feedback by clicking on the eComment tab on the City Council meetings page:

View City Council meeting information and comment

Comments may be submitted until noon on the day of the meeting. Residents may also use the Register to Speak option to sign up in advance to speak at the meeting. For additional information on using eComment and Register to Speak, please see the instructions.

Instructions for eComment and Register to Speak (PDF)

For more information, contact the city clerk.

Lynette Peterson
City Clerk
Email Lynette Peterson

Commenting on agenda items by email

Send an email no later than noon on the day of the meeting.

Email Lynette Peterson

Note the meeting item you’re commenting on in the subject line and type your comment in the body of the email or attach a document if necessary.

These comments will be sent to the entire City Council and posted on the city’s website with other meeting items following the meeting.

Commenting on agenda items by mail

Send a letter containing your input to:

City Clerk Lynette Peterson
City of Northfield
801 Washington Street
Northfield, MN 55057

Commenting on agenda items directly with council members

As always, members of the public can contact council members directly via email to provide input. This input will not be read publicly during the meeting.


Northfield is a home rule charter city with a "Mayor-Council" form of government. The City Council is comprised of seven elected officials, including the mayor, who legislate policy and govern the issues related to the City of Northfield.

Of the six council positions, four are ward representatives and two are at-large positions. All terms are four years, with staggered election years.

Mayor’s role

The mayor is:

  • The presiding officer of the council
  • The chief spokesperson for the council
  • Recognized as the official head of the city for all ceremonial functions
  • Recognized as the official head of the city for purposes related to emergencies
  • Responsible for some specific executive functions such as studying city operations

Mayor and council roles

The mayor and council are responsible for the legislative duties of the city government through policies and ordinances.

City administrator’s role

The Council-appointed city administrator carries out the policies and ordinances set by the Council. The city administrator supervises the administration of all departments and offices of the City.

View city administrator