Plans and Studies


Helping you fit into Northfield's future

Northfield has a committed group of professionals and volunteers who are dedicated to thinking about the community’s long-term future. Here you’ll find a number of plans developed that put forth guidelines for future land use and development.

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Plans and studies

The Northfield EDA, or its partners, on occasion commissions plans or studies to assist with making informed, educated decisions regarding the annual work plan, spending of resources, and applying for grant resources.

Rice County labor market review and supplement

The Rice County Economic Development office commissioned a study by Mercer to gain a better understanding of Rice County's current workforce. This study supplements labor market information available through the State of Minnesota and the Economic Impact Analysis done by the University of Minnesota Extension in 2009. It provides more detailed information at the occupational level of the supply of workers in Rice County. The study is conducted from a business perspective – and is meant to provide a factual basis upon which business leaders can make decisions on future investments and expansion of operations and where one can recruit workers.

Download Rice County labor market review (PDF)

Download supplement (PDF)

Comprehensive Economic Development Plan (TIP Plan 2006)

This plan, commonly referred to as "the TIP Plan," provides an action plan to help guide development throughout the community. The Comprehensive Economic Development Plan assessed community strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to Northfield’s economic development potential.

Download TIP Plan (PDF)

Business and Industrial Park Master Plan  (January 2011)

The Northfield Business and Industrial Parks Plan was the result of recommendations outlined in the 2006 Northfield Comprehensive Economic Development Plan (also known as the “TIP Plan”) and the 2008 Northfield Comprehensive Plan. Both policy documents identify the need to diversify and expand Northfield’s economic base and make land available for business expansion, particularly for the expansion of existing businesses.

Download Business and Industrial Park Master Plan (PDF)

Retail Trade Analysis  (2016 Rice County)

The University of Minnesota Extension has developed this annual retail trade analysis to assist in economic development in Minnesota towns and cities. Business people and economic development officials can use the trends shown in the report to determine the need and/or feasibility of new retail businesses.

Download retail trade analysis (PDF)

Manufacturers' transportation perspective for Southeastern Minnesota (2018 MnDOT)

The Department of Transportation conducted a surveying report of Southeastern Minnesota's manufacturers. The report consisted of business visits throughout District 6 of Southeastern Minnesota to gain a comprehensive understanding of the transportation system for Minnesota manufacturers. Please find the report below.  

Download MnDOT report (PDF)